BBQOVN is a smart kitchen appliance company that provides state-of-the-art cooking tools for gourmet professionals and amateur chefs alike. BBQOVN is determined to devote itself to the research of intelligent cooking science and technology, and will provide services to kitchen enthusiasts around the world and bring high-end cooking technology experience to users.

Founder Robin has 10 years of experience in research and development of Bluetooth communication technology, from a small temperature-resistant electronic device and stable connection technology to an entire IOT product system spanning electronic software and hardware intelligent backends, from the trial of BBQ1 to the perfection of BBQ2, and finally The BBQ3, a comprehensive innovation and breakthrough, was born.

Exceptional quality, design and innovation
BBQOVN is committed to innovation, and our team has the most cutting-edge smart cooking technology. Products are engineered for ergonomic comfort and cutting-edge features such as a stable connection, easy-to-insert thickness, water resistance and record-breaking fast temperature readings.