All BBQOVN products purchased from an authorized retailer or sales channel and manufactured by BBQOVN are covered by our limited warranty. This limited warranty covers all hardware defects in components under normal use for the time period specified by each individual product. Products that prove to be defective will, at the discretion of BBQOVN, be either repaired or replaced, without charge. Color variant cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on availability. If you purchase a BBQOVN product from an unauthorized reseller, you will not receive warranty or technical support.

The product warranty and guarantee does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear, abnormal storage conditions, incorrect use, accidental breakage, negligence, defects caused by modifications, repair and servicing not made or authorized by BBQOVN, damage caused by handling, operating, storing, or using the product outside the intended uses described by our product literature. Any liability by BBQOVN is limited only to the replacement of defective materials, and BBQOVN accepts no responsibility for consequential loss. We reserve the right to update the terms of this warranty at any time without prior notice.

All warranty claims must be initiated through our website or email. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process your claim.

  • Industry-leading 1-year warranty
  • Warranty and returns at no additional cost